Where is KDD’s studio located?
KDD’s address is 12-16 E. Church Lane Philadelphia PA, 19144
How old does my child need to be to sign up for classes?
KDD currently offers Creative Movement courses for students starting at age 2.
Are there courses for adults?
Yes. KDD hosts courses for all ages and all level dancers as well as private lessons upon request. Adult hip-hop courses are offered on select Saturdays. Check the website for dates and more information.
How do I register?
To register yourself or child please visit our Registration page or come in on a Saturday to register with our staff.
How much is the registration fee?
Registration is for monthly tuition. Drop in students need not register. Registration for a single dancer is $35. Registration for two dancers is $55. Registration for three dancers $75.
When can I start?
Tuition for KDD is due the first course of the month. Registration is held year round. You may start as soon as you would like, however tuition is due the first week of a new month and every month following no matter start date.
Where can I follow KDD?
Please follow KDD on

Use the hashtags #KDD #KinesicsDanceDynamics #KinesicsPhilly!